Divorce CORP – Things you should have known when you got married. Too late NOW.

Exposing this VIDEO is our DUTY to the “LOSERS” out there. People are being robbed of their money. Their children being taken away. And, or worse, being split between their parents. A 50 Billion per year INDUSTRY. Children of DIVORCE should be helped money wise by the FRAUDULENT system that divorced their parents. ENJOY/or NOT this: http://firedreams.com/divorcecorp/divorcecorp.mp4  


Health Care in the USA

Health care in the USA is way too expensive for the middle class, and worse for the poor. A couple jumped out the window, in Manhattan, because of  the MEDICAL BILLS. Medical institution in the USA is BIG BUSINESS. Millionaire Doctors, feeding BigPharma pills to their patients. Doctors and Hospitals are OVERPAID. Period. Insurance companies ripping the benefit. IT IS ALL A MONEY MAKING SCHEME. DO not trust your DOCTOR…


Bombing Hitler’s Super Gun – Remote controlled heavies

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Remote controlled heavy planes go back to 1940’s. Watch this VIDEO. Does it ring a bell?? Like 9/11 ?? Could it be that remote controlled aircraft crashed into the towers on 9/11 ?? Technology was there to do so since WWII. Sophisticated even more in the 70’s as previously explained. Then, why did building 7 collapse?? What is Building 7? Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper that was part of…