Shortwave Radio DEAD??

Why is shortwave radio dead since about 2010???




File:International Morse Code.svg

We shall be reduced to these kind of communications, and also to oil lamps, just like in the Middle Ages.

God Bless us ALL.

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  1. Later ON, we noticed the disappearance of shortwave wave radios altogether.
    With the advent of the INTERNET, of course.
    Nowadays, you cannot tune in on any frequency like VATICAN, DW, VofA, FreeEurope, RadioFrance, BBC.

    Why is that? What is in store?? NOT everybody has an Internet connection yet.
    What IS GOING ON, when PEOPLE are being cut off from INFORMATION PIPELINES??

    WAR. Obviously.

  2. Please rely on HAM RADIOS and their people. They will HELP you.
    Otherwise YOU are in the DARK.
    Shortwaves are of no USE. They were HIJACKED. Shortwaves are DEAD.
    Your cell phones will also be HIJACKED. NO CONNECTION.
    Learn MORSE CODE as soon as you can.

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