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  1. Short story about meter reading by DWP:

    A couple of years ago, I wanted to see who was reading the meters.
    One day I got lucky and met this individual, in his late 20’s, hopping all over the street.

    He had a DWP truck parked on the street. That’s when I decided to wait for him to reach our apartment building meters.

    I have not seen any pad in his hands. He was not taking any meter readings at ALL.
    We had a short chat. I asked him about how DWP keeps track of all the usage, etc.
    He told me that it was done automatically. (!)
    When I told him that the meters were old, he replied that when the new meters were installed, more people complained about rising costs. That was all. Then, he hopped over to the other side of the street, cheerfully.

    That led me to believe that DWP is guesstimating the electricity bills. PERIOD.
    There are NO clear/clean records of electricity usage in Los Angeles.
    Just guess work, and the users are paying like dumb sheep, whatever they see on the bill.

    Mayor of Los Angeles: Eric Garcetti

    Please pay attention to these practices.

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