Let’s get it straight

King Michael I of Romania did not leave RO by his own will.

HE was forced to abdicate by communists.

HE did not run away with 10 train wagons full of reaches.

That BULL SHIT was sold to the Romanian people for 45 years +.

History teachers cried and asked for forgiveness, for teaching lies to their students (1947-1989),
while paying respects at the catafalque of King Michael I of Romania, December, 2017.
We have seen the VIDEOS. They are in the ARCHIVE already.

Communism and NEO communism should be put up against the WALL, just like NATZI’s and NEO NATZIS.

EU Community should realize and be alert about what is happening in Romania, right now.

A REPUBLIC was imposed by Russian communists, back in 1947.

Romania was a MONARCHY. Romania should return to a rightful MONARCHY.


May GOD bring wisdom back to EUROPE.

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