Divorce CORP – Things you should have known when you got married. Too late NOW.

Exposing this VIDEO is our DUTY to the “LOSERS” out there. People are being robbed of their money.

Their children being taken away. And, or worse, being split between their parents.

A 50 Billion per year INDUSTRY.

Children of DIVORCE should be helped money wise by the FRAUDULENT system that divorced their parents.

ENJOY/or NOT this:

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  1. Furthermore, try to explain to your children who did what, and expect any kind of understanding.
    Good luck with that.
    Children being taken away from one parent, or bounced back and forth between the parents,
    end up mentally and/or psychologically handicapped.
    They tend to turn inwards, afraid of starting a family, afraid of having children.
    Afraid of ANY relationship.

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