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The history (and fate) of one people called Roma (for whatever reasons) seems to be intertwined with the whole of Europe, and the rest of the world. They live in Paris, France, as well as in Lisbon, Portugal, as well as in New York, New York, as well as in Ireland, as well as in Los Angeles, California, as well as in London, England, as well as Budapest, Hungary, as well as in Madrid, Spain. Gypsies, Roma as they call themselves, have been an integral part of the European history since 1322, according to the following excerpt from one of their Web sites:

"When the Roma people first came to Europe, they were popular guests at the courts, but it wasn´t popular when they wanted to stay in Europe for good, then they became parias. Since the Europeans didn´t know what kind of people the Roma people were, they guessed that they were Mongolian Tatars, Ismaelites, Ethiopians or Egyptians.
The lack of knowledge led to speculations, misunderstandings and distortions which were passed down from generation to generation and some of these are still today widespread. The first certain information about Roma people in Europe was written by a monk 1322 on Crete, and later in the 14´th century there were Roma people in Serbia and Bosnia. In the 15´th century they continued wandering to other parts of Europe. 1417 the monk Cornerius in Lübeck wrote about a party with dark skinned people with horses and wagons and he also wrote "They had horrible faces, black as the tartars". During the 16´th century they reached Poland, Russia and several countries in Western Europe."

Quote from: The Roma People

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To this day nobody can explain why Gypsies chose Roma as their name.
Any suggestions ??

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